View from 2117 - Student Blog Posts

Student Research Assistants on the View from 2117 project have been working hard over the last few years. Learn about their experience by reading their blog post below!

Rathtrevor Beach

Human-Nature Transactions within the MABR

By Karissa Sawyer and Taylor Shorting

January 2022

Mt Arrowsmith

Sense of Place in the Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Region: Introducing Environmental Psychology

By Karissa Sawyer and Taylor Shorting 

November 2021


Research and Relationships

By Alisha Feser 

November 2021


Biosphere Reserves & Local Governments: Exploring Ways to Work Together

By Sarah Foulkes

August 2021


Wetland Monitoring in the MABR

By Amanda Friesen

June 2021


Locating the Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Region in Governance

By Jake Rogger

November 2020


Working from home during COVID-19

By Pierce Melnick

July 2020

MABRRI student blog

A Day in the MABR

By Alisha Feser and Pierce Melnick

July 2020


Data Collection at Milner Gardens & Woodland

By Megan White

February 2020