Research Reports

MABRRI often conducts research under contract with other organizations, municipalities, or funding agencies. When granted permission from those funding our research, we will always strive to ensure our research is available for the public to view.

Research Articles 

Ferreira, M.I.P., Sakaki, G., Shaw, P., Riscado, T.N.d.S., & Umbelino, L.F. (2023). Sustainable Water Management and the 2030 Agenda: Comparing Rain Forest Watersheds in Canada and Brazil by Applying an Innovative Sustainability Indicator System. Sustainability, 15 (20), 14898.

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Tomlin, H., Ng-Cornish, J., Pyett, J., Vivani, A., Gilchrist, A. (2021). Wetland mapping and monitoring in the Regional District of Nanaimo. International Journal of UNESCO Biosphere Reserves

Shaw et al. (2018). Bull kelp (Nereocystis luetkeana) enhancement plots in the Salish Sea. International Journal of UNESCO Biosphere Reserves.

Ferreira, M., Shaw, P., Sakaki, G., Alexander, T., Donnini, J., Rego, V (2018) Collaborative governance and watershed management in biosphere reserves in Brazil and Canada. Ambiente and Agua.

Ferreira, M., Shaw, P., Sakaki, G., Alexander, T., Umbelino, L (2017) Thrivability Appraisals: A Tool for Supporting Decision-making Processes in Integrated Environmental Management. The International Journal of Sustainability Policy and Practice.

Shaw, P., Price, M., Sakaki, G., Alexander, T., Shaw, L (2017) The Establishment of a Database on Current Research in UNESCO Biosphere Reserves: Limitations and OpportunitiesInternational Journal of UNESCO Biosphere Reserves. V.1 No. 2.

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