Adaptable Development Approvals Process Toolkit

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Project Overview

Through funding from the Union of BC Municipalities, the Town of Qualicum Beach and Vancouver Island University are leading the process of creating an adaptable, open-source Toolkit to improve the clarity and consistency of local government development application and approval processes.

Based on significant background research and engagement with professionals involved in development approvals, the Toolkit provides materials to improve and support these components of the process:

  • Community Engagement
  • Internal and External Reviews
  • Guide to Development Applications
  • Website Content
  • Application Forms and Checklists
  • Required Studies
  • Amenities and Negotiations

Methodology & Timeline

Sept 2021

UBCM Grant Awarded

Sept - Mar 2022

Literature Review and Desktop Research

Apr - Aug 2022

Data Collection - Interviews, workshops and ongoing feedback with the core project team and professionals from four groups involved in development approvals:

  • Local Government Planners (public sector)
  • Referral Managers (First Nations)
  • Developers (private sector)
  • Technical Consultants (private sector)

Sept - Dec 2022

Data Analysis

Jan - Mar 2023

Sharing Findings and Gathering Feedback

Apr - Sept 2023

Toolkit Development

Oct - Nov 2023

Toolkit Feedback and Refinement

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The final materials of the Toolkit will be disseminated through this website when complete. Please provide your contact information to receive an update when the Toolkit is ready for download.

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