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MABR BioBlitz

Every April, the MABR hosts an annual BioBlitz event in conjunction with the Brant Wildlife Festival. A BioBlitz is a rapid biological survey of flora and fauna that embraces citizen science, connecting local community members, students, faculty, knowledge holders, naturalists, and scientists to identify as many species as possible within the allocated time frame. Conducting a BioBlitz provides a snapshot of the biodiversity and species richness within the region. Further, BioBlitzes increase our knowledge of changes to species abundance, habitat for Species at Risk, as well as changes in invasive species distribution over time in our region. The data collected during the annual event helps inform the management of sensitive habitats and ecosystems within the region.
Due to the ongoing pandemic, the MABR has restructured this event to allow for social distancing and a broader view of the biodiversity in our region. This event will utilize the iNaturalist app, and will be the MABR’s first ever Biosphere-wide Blitz! The Biosphere Blitz will span across three days from April 16th through 18th, 2021. The event is free and open to everyone at all ages and levels of knowledge. The Biosphere Blitz will take place within the boundaries of the MABR, which ranges from Nanoose Bay to Qualicum Bay.
We will be issuing a 1st place prize at the end of each of the three days for those who submit the highest number of observations. Prizes include identification books on birds, flora, or mushrooms and fungus. Please ensure you have signed up for an iNaturalist account if you do not already have one, and join our project “MABR Biosphere Blitz”. Observations must be logged under this project to be eligible to win a prize.
If you have any questions about the event, please contact Mandy Hobkirk, MABR Coordinator, at Mandy.Hobkirk@viu.ca. It is expected that participants will follow provincial regulations and maintain social distancing while taking part in this event.

MABR Youth Program

Have you heard about the MABR Youth Program? 

This program is designed to teach students the importance of environmental, social, cultural, and economic sustainability on a local scale.

Learn more about the MABR Youth Program.

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