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  • MABR_Rathtrevor

    The Sustainable Development Goals in the Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Region

    Between the beginning of January to the end of February 2021, I had the opportunity to work on MABRRI’s project Promoting the SDGs in the MABR. For this project, we organized a symposium with local businesses and organizations in the MABR as a way to raise awareness of the United Nations 17...

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  • Mt Arrowsmith

    Locating the Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Region in Governance

    Hi everyone! I’m Jake, a student in the Master of Community Planning program.  Over the course of the semester, I’ve had the opportunity to work for the View from 2117 project as a research assistant. When the posting came out in the summer, I saw that the job would entail research on planning...

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  • View from Little Mountain

    Coming together, from afar

    Hi! I’m new around here, but my MABRRI coworkers have made me feel so welcome. I’ve joined the team as a Research Assistant for the Canadian Mountain Network (CMN) and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) project, which is analyzing current initiatives across Canada, and their alignment with...

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  • Nanoose Bay Clam Monitoring

    Nanoose Bay Clam Harvesting

    On October 17th, Sarah and I headed off to Nanoose Bay to collect data for the Nanoose Clam Harvesting project. The aim of this project is to understand how recreational and commercial clam harvesting has impacted the project area in Nanoose Bay. The project is a collaboration between the Nanoose...

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  • Chloe - Forage Fish Sampling

    Searching for Forage Fish Eggs

    I’m a new employee on the MABRRI team, working on the fish forage project! Forage fish lay their nearly microscopic eggs in the sand. Therefore, being part of the project has diverted my thinking to focus on the small and important creatures in food chains that can pretty easily be overlooked. Now...

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    Working from home during COVID-19

    COVID-19 has changed a lot of aspects of many people's lives. It has impacted us all in one way or another and for me, the biggest change has been working on the Vital Signs for The View from 2117 project from home. Over the last several months I have experienced the positives and negatives that...

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    A Day in the MABR

    On Wednesday, July 8th, Pierce and I went out for an adventure in the MABR with Courtney and Mandy. We took this day as a great opportunity to explore some of the MABR’s 10 Amazing Places including Parksville Community Park, Rathtrevor Beach, and Top Bridge.  Pierce and I are part of the team...

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    Data Collection at Milner Gardens & Woodland

    On Wednesday, February 12th, I joined Jessica Pyett and a handful of volunteers at Milner Gardens & Woodland to collect data for the Plant Phenology Research & Monitoring Project. The project is a collaboration between Milner Gardens, the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource...

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    Indigenous Homes Innovation Initiative Accelerator Launch Event

    From January 20th-January 23rd 2019, MABRRI staff members and a team of Master of Community Planning (MCP) students, including myself (both a MABRRI Research Assistant and a MCP student), assisted at the Indigenous Homes Innovation Initiative (IHII) Accelerator Launch Event. The four day launch...

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    Forage Fish Sampling - Halloween Night

    One of the many reasons I wanted to become a Student Research Assistant for the Forage Fish Spawning Habitat Monitoring Project at MABRRI was to gain more experience and knowledge sampling on beaches for forage fish! So far, this position has done just that! On the night of Halloween, Chrissy,...

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