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  • Beach_MABRRIBlogPost

    Supporting local environmental organizations

    I was a research assistant for MABRRI over this past term at VIU while being part of the Masters of Community Planning program. Just like how MABRRI is part of so many different projects and initiatives, my position was very diverse and provided me lots of different opportunities to grow my skills...

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  • Student blog_braiding global agendas

    Braiding United Nations Global Agendas

    Environmental research and conservation are essential components of protecting and preserving Canada's unique landscape. Research must be centred on a holistic approach based on Indigenous and Western ways of knowing. Environmental research needs to be focused on building partnerships between...

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  • Rathtrevor Beach

    Human-Nature Transactions within the MABR

    In the fall of 2021, we had the opportunity to briefly introduce the diverse field of environmental psychology through a blog post (see here). The blog post illustrated the highlights of the ‘Sense of Place Study,’ which serves as one portion of a larger project titled The View from 2117: Human...

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  • Mount Arrowsmith

    Sense of Place in the Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Region: Introducing Environmental Psychology

    When people are asked what they think the field of psychology entails, many fail to appreciate the broad range of subfields involved in the discipline. Environmental psychology is a relatively new and growing subfield—and it is gaining the attention of professional researchers, architects, and...

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  • Pierce_Alisha_MABR

    Research and Relationships

    I’ve been a Research Assistant for MABRRI since May of 2019, and throughout this entire time I have been working on the same awesome project with the same awesome team. Also, throughout this time, I finished my degree in Sociology, took a year off to work, and am now a first-year student in VIU's...

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  • Little_Qualicum_Falls_MABR

    Biosphere Reserves & Local Governments: Exploring Ways to Work Together

    “I work for the Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Region Research Institute” is a sentence I have said many times over the last year. Most frequently this statement is followed by the question “What’s the Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Region?” I also asked this the first time I heard of the MABR, but I...

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  • The_Worlds_Future

    Playing for change

    I have had the opportunity to work for MABRRI as a research assistant for the past year, with most of my work focused around community planning. But the odd day, I get a change up from my routine and get to try something new! On July 6th, I had the chance to participate in The World’s Future Social...

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  • MABRRI-trail-survey

    Promoting the Nanaimo Trail Survey to Mountain Bikers

    Most evenings you can find us on the trails looking to chat with anyone riding a mountain bike. One of the projects us Research Assistants (RAs) at MABRRI are working on this summer is implementing the Nanaimo Trail Survey in person. The Trail Survey is in collaboration with Matt Bowes, a Geography...

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  • Forage-fish-sampling

    May Forage Fish Sampling

    I’m a student research assistant with MABRRI for the summer and a part of my job is helping sample for forage fish embryos! The term ‘forage fish’ refer to small prey fish that feed the larger, pelagic fish in the ocean. Common forage fish include sardines, herring, and anchovies but the two we’re...

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  • MABR_Wetlands

    Wetland Monitoring in the MABR

    The MABR is comprised of many unique and diverse ecological landscapes, including some very spectacular wetlands! However, relatively little is known about these wetlands and their importance in the hydrology of the MABR. Since both groundwater and surface water play a critical role in providing...

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