• Parks on the Street  1

    Parks on the Street

    On Saturday, March 4th the MABRRI team along with VIU students and faculty facilitated a community engagement event, "Parks on the Street." From 10 am - 3 pm fourteen students worked the streets in Parksville, collecting data in the form of a questionnaire that will be used to inform further...

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  • Bull Kelp Collection in the Salish Sea 1

    Bull kelp Collection in the Salish Sea

    On Monday morning a few of the MABRRI researchers (Graham, Kayla, Ryan) loaded up our inflatable boat (Big Red), a kayak, our inflatable life jackets, three dry suits for snorkeling, our flippers and masks and the all of the necessary safety gear into the F-150 VIU work truck. We then made a quick...

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  • Lake Monitoring 2

    Lake Monitoring

    Today, October 16th, 2016 was officially the last day of our lake monitoring project that has been underway over the last twelve weeks. I personally feel very fortunate to have been able to be a part of this project over the summer, which has been funded by the Vancouver Island University Research...

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  • ElderCollege 1

    Elder College

    On Friday September 30th MABRRI student research assistants Kayla Harris and Ryan Frederickson presented to a full class of ElderCollege students in Parksville, teaching them all about the Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Region Research Institute and some of the projects that we have been closely...

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  • Parksville StreamKeepers Course

    Parksville StreamKeepers Course

    During the weekend of September 9th-11th MABRRI student researchers, Ashley Van Acken, Kayla Harris and Ryan Frederickson, participated in a StreamKeepers Course facilitated by Michele Jones and the Mid Vancouver Island Habitat Enhancement Society.  The course was designed to evaluate the health of...

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  • Introducing MABRRI's 2016 Summer Research Team

    Introducing MABRRI's 2016 Summer Research Team

    MABRRI has hired 6 summer Research Assistants that will be working alongside Research Coordinator Graham Sakaki and Assistant Coordinator Sarah Lumley from April - August on various projects in the MABR this summer. These friendly faces are Nelson Lovestrom, Ashley Van Acken, Mike Anderson, Kayla...

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  • GLORIA Project - Alpine Monitoring Days 1-2 1

    GLORIA Project - Alpine Monitoring Day 3

    On June 30th Nelson, Mike, Kayla and I met bright and early for our last day on the peaks of Mt. Arrowsmith. In the morning we met Kristina and Hans at the base of the logging road to launch the new temperature loggers . These new loggers would replace old temperature gauges and be buried within...

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  • GLORIA Project - Alpine Monitoring Days 1-2 1

    GLORIA Project - Alpine Monitoring Days 1 & 2

    On June 28th and 29th, the MABRRI team participated in the GLORIA project  (Global Observation Research Initiative in Alpine environments), a study being undertaken to establish baseline information on alpine plant biodiversity and temperature trends in high elevation environments. Along with...

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  • Cathedral Grove 2

    Cathedral Grove

    Today Nelson Lovestrom and myself ventured out to Cathedral Grove, which is located within MacMillan Provincial Park. Cathedral Grove is a well known old growth forest situated alongside Cameron Lake with majestic Douglas-fir and Western Red Cedar trees, some over 800 years old. Nelson and I...

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  • Lake Monitoring Recce Day 1

    Lake Monitoring Recce Day

    Over the course of the summer of 2016, the MABRRI team will be conducting a Lake Monitoring program of a couple lakes in the MABR and Regional District of Nanaimo. In order to become familiar with the monitoring equipment, the MABRRI team headed to Westwood Lake in Nanaimo. With the use of an...

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