The Sustainable Development Goals in the Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Region

Author: Brad Vince

Between the beginning of January to the end of February 2021, I had the opportunity to work on MABRRI’s project Promoting the SDGs in the MABR. For this project, we organized a symposium with local businesses and organizations in the MABR as a way to raise awareness of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The symposium, Introducing the SDGs into the MABR, took place on February 23, 2021. The event was a great first step in starting the conversations around the SDGs with some of the organizations in the MABR.   

My specific role for this project was to make three videos that highlighted the SDGs in the MABR. Video #1 focused on the SDGs in the MABR, for this I shot footage all over the MABR, exploring parks, community gathering places, and downtowns in attempt to portray the SDGs in the MABR as best as possible. Making this video showed me the beauty of the MABR and reinforced the need to preserve the unique feeling each municipality has to offer. Video #2 was focused on the connecting the SDGs to the work that MABRRI is doing within the MABR. This video was probably the easiest to put together as MABRRI is involved in a wide variety of projects. I focused on getting the most beautiful shots I could use to highlight the MABR, while leveraging photos and footage from previous projects. Finally, video #3 focused on highlighting a couple of the fantastic organizations in the MABR and how their work aligns with the SDGs. I had the privilege of going out into the field and shooting some shots around key locations for each organization. During the gathering of shots for the video I got to experience some of the great people and the work they are doing in the MABR.  

Overall, our team at MABRRI is working to increase awareness of the SDGs and how they can be implemented at a regional level. Although there is much work to be done in creating awareness about the SDGs, the dedicated team here at MABRRI is committed to increasing that awareness though our work and I am very fortunate to playing a small role in that! Keep an eye out for my videos – they will be posted soon on the MABR’s website and social media!