Bull Kelp Documentary for Environment Climate Change Canada

Author: Chrissy Schellenberg

On July 26th 2019, Cassy Twiname, Alanna Vivani, and I began filming for what would be a documentary on MABRRI’s Bull Kelp Monitoring and Enhancement Plots in the Salish Sea project. Firstly, we gathered our audio and visual equipment and drove to Neck Point Park. Upon arrival, we began filming components of the video that explained who MABRRI is and what our bull kelp project is all about.

While at Neck Point Park, we had several curious passerby’s express interest in what we were doing. Because this area is such a popular site in Nanaimo, it was a great way to communicate our project, as well as our organization, to members of the public.

Once we finished filming this day, I gathered all of the videos of our team on the boat, diving, as well as the videos showing our kelp lines at our two sites near Winchelsea Islands and Dodd Narrows. It was exciting to have the chance to turn all of our videos into a story that showcased this important project. This video highlights several key points: the importance of bull kelp, their significant decline in the Strait of Georgia, how MABRRI is trying to re-establish bull kelp at our two site locations, as well as the progress and success of our project.

This project was made possible by the generous funding from Environment Climate Change Canada (ECCC). We submitted our video to ECCC, which they just recently approved, and are excited to share this project with members of the public.

To watch our video about our Bull Kelp Monitoring and Enhancement Plots in the Salish Sea project, click on the following link: