MABRRI is excited to welcome the following current, and former, students of Vancouver Island University to our Summer 2019 Research Team!

Jenica Ng-Cornish

Jenica is currently a Geoscience student at VIU and will be graduating in December 2019. She is working with MABRRI as a Student Research Assistant and is excited to spend the time nearing graduation working with this research organization as it aligns with her environmental and sustainability goals. Jenica is from St. John’s, Newfoundland and has now been living on Vancouver Island for about three years where she feels at home being surrounded by mountains, forests, wildlife and the ocean. Jenica is passionate about protecting the environment from degradation and the impacts of climate change and has recently completed a research project as part of her studies that examines VIU student perceptions of climate change. 

Brian McLoughlin

Brian recently joined the MABRRI team as a summer Research Assistant. He has a Bachelor of Arts in History and is currently enrolled in the Master of Community Planning (MCP) program at VIU. He has a strong background in local government administration and community planning, and is excited to work with MABRRI on the projects they undertake with local communities. Brian has lived and worked on Vancouver Island most of his life, and he is passionate about contributing to projects which make this region a great place to live. 

Chelsey Andrews

Chelsey is a Master of Community Planning student and is interested in how the natural environment and the built environment come together to form amazing places where cultures grow and thrive. She feels blessed to have grown up on Vancouver Island surrounded by so much natural beauty. As a future planner she would like to ensure that new development needs are balanced carefully with the benefits and services provided by the environment. Raising three children has sparked a desire in her to ensure natural ecosystems are valued and protected so they can be enjoyed long into the future. She is very thankful for the opportunity to work on some exciting projects with the exceptional team at MABRRI this summer.

Colby Mahood

Colby is currently an undergrad Geography student specializing in Sustainable Resource Management at VIU. He has a diploma in Forest Resources Technology from VIU and spent three years as a forestry consultant in Squamish. Colby is working as a research assistant for MABRRI and is working on various environmental planning projects. Colby is originally from Squamish, but has found a new home on Vancouver Island. He is passionate about finding ways to mitigate and adapt to climate change through responsible resource management.

Steffi Sunny

Steffi is a Master of Community planning student with a background in Architecture from India and currently working as a research assistant in MABRRI. She is passionate about planning healthy communities and believes that the design of built environment has the ability to create a better functioning community which contributes to an improved quality of life. She has experience working as a Junior Architect for two years and it was during this period that she came across the real-life issues faced by communities related to improper planning such as drainage, waste-water management, and congested urban areas, which ultimately leads to unhealthy living conditions. She is very excited to work with MABRRI this summer and is looking forward to contributing to various planning and community engagement projects.

Cassy Twiname

Cassandra is a current VIU Bachelor of Science student undertaking a double major in Biology and Psychology. She is originally from Terrace, a small town in northern British Columbia, where her passion for plant biology and human psychology developed. She has experience as a laboratory technician and quality assurance technician for the provincial government. She has recently joined the MABRRI team as a Research Assistant and is excited to work alongside her colleagues in their efforts towards environmental conservation.

Chrissy Schellenberg

Chrissy has graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, as well as a Post-Degree Diploma in Fisheries and Aquaculture, at VIU. Originally, she grew up in Alberta and moved to Vancouver Island to pursue her passion of studying marine ecology. Chrissy has been a Research Assistant for MABRRI since May, 2018. She is currently working on the Forage Fish Spawning Habitat Monitoring project, as well as the Bull Kelp Sample Collection and Marine Monitoring in the Salish Sea project. She is looking forward to continue working with the MABRRI team this summer and to be a part of some very exciting and important projects happening within the MABR.