Opportunities for Students

Independent Research

Interested in conducting your own research in the Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Region? MABRRI is happy to provide advice and support on the development of your 490/491 Independent Senior Research Project (for undergraduates) as well as Graduate research projects and thesis relating to the biosphere region. Students must have a faculty supervisor and submit their research applications through their department of study.

ADGIS Practicum

MABRRI currently maintains one position each year for a full-time ADGIS practicum student in the Spring Semester. This student is provided with a small honorarium for their work. Interested students are encouraged to apply through their program.

Become a Published Researcher

MABRRI and VIU currently operate the International Journal of Biosphere Reserves. The journal features submissions from researchers in biospheres around the world. We encourage both graduate and undergraduate students that have conducted research relating to biosphere reserves to submit either a research article or research note.


MABRRI is always looking for student volunteers to help deliver presentations about the MABR, attend community events, and help out with citizen science initiatives like the Annual MABR BioBlitz. If you are interested, please contact one of the MABR Research Coordinators.