VIU Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity

MABRRI Coordinators

The Coordinator team helps to manage MABRRI's daily operations. From coming up with new projects, to creating new partnerships, to finding funding that allows MABRRI to hire so many students, the Coordinators help with it all.

Dr. Pam Shaw

Pam is MABRRI's Research Director as well as the Director of the Master of Community Planning Program at Vancouver Island University. Pam has more than 30 years of experience in land use planning and facilitation, and is currently researching new forms of governance for biospheres and community organizations. She brings ideas, connections, and experience to the research team. 

Haley Tomlin

Haley is MABRRI's Assistant Research and Community Engagement Coordinator. Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Biology with a focus in ecology and minoring in Natural Resource Geography. She is responsible for coordinating multiple projects and the students associated with each of those. Haley's background in biology and natural resources, as well as enthusiasm for promoting environmental preservation and conservation of biodiversity makes her a great suit for MABRRI.

Courtney Vaugeois

Courtney is one of MABRRI's Projects Coordinators. She holds a BA in Sociology and Psychology from Vancouver Island University. Courtney has been working with MABRRI since 2017 when she started in a student position. Since then she has transitioned into her current Projects Coordinator position in the winter of 2018. Courtney’s main project focuses on implementing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals at Vancouver Island University. With her degree and experience at MABRRI, Courtney has developed a passion for social sustainability and she hopes to continue in this field with further education in the future.

Graham Sakaki

Graham is MABRRI's Research and Community Engagement Coordinator. He has been involved with MABRRI since it was established in August of 2014. Graham oversees the coordination of all ongoing research projects. His educational background includes a Master of Community Planning, a Bachelor's Degree in Natural Resources Geography and a diploma in Forest Resource Technology from VIU. Graham's professional experience in organizational management has transferred seamlessly to MABRRI.

Jessica Pyett

Jessica is one of MABRRI’s Projects Coordinators. She recently transitioned to this position from her previous role as a Senior Research Assistant. Jessica graduated from VIU’s Geography program in 2018, specializing in Natural Resource Management. In her last year of studies, she interned for the Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute in Belize City. During her internship that focused on coastal planning and water quality monitoring, she became passionate about water management and climate change adaptation. Jessica supplements the MABRRI team with her field skills and knowledge that she acquired during her internship.