MABRRI often conducts research under contract with other organizations, municipalities, or funding agencies. When granted permission from those funding our research, we will always strive to ensure our research is available for the public to view. You can find all of these reports on this page.

Peer-reviewed Research

Shaw et al. (2018). Bull kelp (Nereocystis luetkeana) enhancement plots in the Salish Sea | Read the full report here.

MABRRI & RDN Wetland Reports

2018 French Creek Water Region | french_creek_water_region.pdf

2017 Little Qualicum Water Region | little_qualicum_water_region.pdf

2017 South Wellington-Nanoose Water Region | south_wellington-nanoose_water_region.pdf

MABR Annual BioBlitz Reports

Other Community-based Applied Research


2018 French Creek Estuary Analysis | frenchcreek_analysis.pdf

2018 The Ecological Significance of the Five Acre Farm | fiveacres_ecology.pdf

2018 Coastal Plant Phenology Field Camera Analysis | plantphenology_analysis.pdf

2017 Five Acres Farm Values Analysis | fiveacres_finalreport.pdf

Economic, Social, & Cultural

2018 Campbellton Revitalization Plan | campbellton_final.pdf

2018 Gold River Tourism Strategic Plan | gold_river_tourism_strategic_plan.pdf