MABRRI plans and reports are uploaded here in the spirit of regional knowledge-sharing and collaboration. Here you can also find news releases to do with MABRRI and links to additional sources that we have found useful in our work.

MABRRI Resources

Other Resources

MABRRI Guidelines & Policies

     MABRRI Strategic Research Plan | mabrri_strategic_research_plan_2015-2018.pdf

MABR BioBlitz Reports

     2018 MABR BioBlitz Report | 2018_mabr_bioblitz_summary_report.pdf

     2017 MABR BioBlitz Report | 2017_mabr_bioblitz_summary_report.pdf

     2016 MABR BioBlitz Report | 2016_mabr_bioblitz_summary_report.pdf

MABRRI Reports

     2017 Five Acres Farm Report | mabrri_fiveacres_finalreport.pdf

     2018 Coastal Plant Phenology Report | mabrri_plantphenology_report.pdf

     2018 The Ecological Significance of the Five Acre Farm | mabrri_fiveacres_ecology.pdf

     2018 French Creek Estuary Analysis | mabrri_frenchcreek_analysis_october2018.pdf

MABR Annual Reports

     2016 Annual Report | mabr_2016_annual_report.pdf

     2015 Annual Report |  mabr_2015_annual_report.pdf

     2014 Annual Report | mabr_2014_annual_report.pdf

Biosphere Reserves

     Lima Action Plan for UNESCO MAB Programme | lima_action_plan_en_final.pdf

     MAB Strategy 2015-2025 | mab_strategy_2015-2025.pdf

     The Seville Strategy 1996 | mab_seville_strategy.pdf