MABRRI's student employees are made up of both work-ops and research assistants. Please see below for our current student employees.

Alan Cavin

Alan is a recent addition to the MABRRI team working as a summer Research Assistant. He has a Bachelor of Science in Geography and is currently pursuing graduate studies in the Master of Community Planning (MCP) program at VIU. With the goal of working in local government in the future, he hopes to acquire valuable knowledge and experience in public consultation and in how to build healthy, sustainable communities. He grew up spending a lot of time outdoors in the MABR and looks forward to making a contribution in making sure that it remains an amazing place to live.

Samuelle Simard-Provencal

Samuelle is a third year BSc student at Vancouver Island University double majoring in Biology and Mathematics. Samuelle’s passion lies in ecology, and she is an aspiring ornithologist, spending most of her free time bird watching. Samuelle has worked for a number of departments within VIU (Biology, Mathematics, and Chemistry) and is always open to learning new skills. Currently, she is working for MABRRI on the Forage Fish Spawning Habitat Monitoring project as a field technician, and she is looking forward to learning new field skills to add to her tool belt and to contribute to the research being conducted at VIU. After she graduates, Samuelle hopes to continue her education in grad school and contribute to the scientific community.

Carson Anderson

Carson is a former third year student and future fourth year student at VIU. Currently, his educational goal is achieving his bachelor in tourism with a major in recreation. When not at work or school Carson can be found adventuring through nature, playing some form of a sport, or hanging out shooting the breeze with whoever wants to have a conversation. HIs career goal is to find a position from which he can help people find accessible recreation opportunities. So far, he has found that studying recreation and tourism has been a blast and he is looking forward to his next semester of school.

While Carson enjoys his education, he enjoys working for MABRRI just as much. He has been with MABRRI for over a year and during his time he has worked on cool events and projects that allowed him to get outside in nature as well as meet new and interesting people. For Carson, this summer looks to continue that trend. 

Chrissy Schellenberg

Chrissy has just graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology at VIU and will be continuing her studies in the fall to complete the Post-Degree Diploma in Fisheries and Aquaculture. Originally, she grew up in Alberta and moved to Vancouver Island to pursue her passion of studying marine ecology. Now, she is currently a Research Assistant for MABRRI working on the Forage Fish Spawning Habitat Monitoring project, as well as the Bull Kelp Sample Collection and Marine Monitoring in the Salish Sea project. She is looking forward to working with the MABRRI team this summer and to be a part of some very exciting and important projects happening within the MABR.

Bronwyn Wydeman

Bronwyn is graduating this spring with a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Psychology and will be starting the Masters of Community Planning program here at VIU in the fall. She is very excited to work with MABRRI as a Research Assistant this summer and to work on community planning related projects to gain experience in the field. Bronwyn's interests are in parks and recreation, as well as social programming and affordable housing projects. She is new to the island and looks forward to learning a lot about the local communities and the MABR this summer!