MABRRI's student employees are made up of both work-ops and research assistants. Please see below for our current student employees.

Aaron Dixon

Aaron studied Geography and GIS at Simon Fraser University and has worked as a Cartographer at Backroad Mapbooks and as an Active Transportation Consultant helping locate bike-share stations in Vancouver. His interests lie within urban design of the built environment with a focus on active transportation planning. Aaron is excited to join the MABRRI team and immerse himself into projects in communities within the Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Region.

Alex Harte

Alex Harte is a third-year Geography student at VIU, having recently transferred from the University of the Fraser Valley. Having a genuine love for geography, Alex has been balancing school and work with travel for the past few years and has been lucky enough to visit almost 20 countries. Now, he is incredibly excited to bring some passion and knowledge to the amazing work the MABRRI does right here at home! As a geography student, Alex has a passion for bettering communities and bridging gaps to better the human condition, and he hopes to work towards this through MABRRI and its staff. If he is not at work or school, you will probably find him awkwardly taking photos of trees or reading through his 40 year collection of National Geographic magazines that he blames (and thanks) his grandfather for.

Chrissy Schellenberg

Chrissy has just graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology at VIU and will be continuing her studies in the fall to complete the Post-Degree Diploma in Fisheries and Aquaculture. Originally, she grew up in Alberta and moved to Vancouver Island to pursue her passion of studying marine ecology. Now, she is currently a Research Assistant for MABRRI working on the Forage Fish Spawning Habitat Monitoring project, as well as the Bull Kelp Sample Collection and Marine Monitoring in the Salish Sea project. She is looking forward to working with the MABRRI team this summer and to be a part of some very exciting and important projects happening within the MABR.

Alan Cavin

Alan is a recent addition to the MABRRI team working as a summer Research Assistant. He has a Bachelor of Science in Geography and is currently pursuing graduate studies in the Master of Community Planning (MCP) program at VIU. With the goal of working in local government in the future, he hopes to acquire valuable knowledge and experience in public consultation and in how to build healthy, sustainable communities. He grew up spending a lot of time outdoors in the MABR and looks forward to making a contribution in making sure that it remains an amazing place to live.

Niccolai Zicong

Niccolai has a bachelor degree in journalism and a background in intercultural communication. He is currently pursuing a master's degree in community planning; his research direction is CPTED implementation in planning practice. Before joining the MABRRI team, Niccolai used his opportunities working with international organizations in different countries to gain insight about other cultures and how different cultures influence their communities - he was fascinated by it. After working for Rio Olympic as a media operation staff in 2016, Niccolai started the MCP program at VIU and was employed by MABRRI on different projects such as campus gathering space redesign, VIU mobility task force, and a series of community consultation events. Niccolai has enjoyed his experience working with the MABRRI team and is thrilled to be back for the summer.

Brian Timmer

Brian is a fourth year Bachelor of Science student with a focus on marine ecology. He has been a scuba instructor since 2008, and his work and travel experiences are largely what inspired him to return to school and study how to effectively preserve marine ecosystems. Brian started with MABRRI as a work-op student in September 2017, and is looking forward to assisting with all sorts of different projects in the future.

Carson Anderson

Carson is a former third year student and future fourth year student at VIU. Currently, his educational goal is achieving his bachelor in tourism with a major in recreation. When not at work or school Carson can be found adventuring through nature, playing some form of a sport, or hanging out shooting the breeze with whoever wants to have a conversation. HIs career goal is to find a position from which he can help people find accessible recreation opportunities. So far, he has found that studying recreation and tourism has been a blast and he is looking forward to his next semester of school.

While Carson enjoys his education, he enjoys working for MABRRI just as much. He has been with MABRRI for over a year and during his time he has worked on cool events and projects that allowed him to get outside in nature as well as meet new and interesting people. For Carson, this summer looks to continue that trend. 

Bronwyn Wydeman

Bronwyn is graduating this spring with a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Psychology and will be starting the Masters of Community Planning program here at VIU in the fall. She is very excited to work with MABRRI as a Research Assistant this summer and to work on community planning related projects to gain experience in the field. Bronwyn's interests are in parks and recreation, as well as social programming and affordable housing projects. She is new to the island and looks forward to learning a lot about the local communities and the MABR this summer!

Kidston Short

Kidston is a recent graduate of Vancouver Island’s Bachelor of Arts in Geography program, specializing in the Natural Resource Management stream. She has lived on Vancouver Island for over a decade and her research interests, climatology and ecosystem functions, are inspired by this region’s awesome environment. As a Research Assistant at MABRRI, Kidston is excited to collaborate with diverse communities within the MABR, particularly on the Coastal Plant Phenology Research and Monitoring Pilot.

Robyn Bartle

Robyn is a second-year nursing student involved with the Snaw-Naw-As Education & Outreach Program. She will be presenting on how gardening positively impacts health through the twelve social determinants of health. Robyn is enthusiastic to have an opportunity to be involved with an organization which improves the quality of life for both people and the environment.

Courtney Vaugeois

Courtney Vaugeois is a fourth year Sociology student and will be graduating in June. She’s originally from Alberta but moved to Nanaimo for her program. To start, Courtney volunteered with MABRRI, beginning last year, and she really enjoyed working with the team. Since then she has joined the MABRRI team working to develop a workshop, focused on the mental and physical benefits of gardening, for the Snaw-Naw-As Education & Outreach Program. 

Diana Jerop

Diana has been excited to be part of the MABRRI team since January of 2017. She recently completed her final semester of the Master of Community Planning (awaiting convocation in June) at Vancouver Island University. Since she joined the team, there has never been a dull moment. The enthusiasm and positive team energy has made MABRRI successfully achieve project goals and objectives. Diana is involved in various exciting planning initiatives and community engagement projects at MABRRI, which have continuously provided her with a myriad of opportunities for putting her theoretical and practical skills to use. Diana's professional interests are sustainability and climate change, and her master’s thesis focused on “rethinking” watersheds - through creating a community based approach for watershed management to mitigate the effects of climate change in the Regional District of Nanaimo.

Roxanne Croxall

Roxanne is currently working as a Research Assistant for MABRRI. She recently joined the team in January, and is looking forward to working with such a great group of like-minded individuals. Roxanne is currently in her final year of the B.Sc. Geoscience program where she has discovered a real passion for environmental geology and sustainable sciences. Since moving to Nanaimo five years ago, from London, Ontario, Roxanne has been fascinated with the biodiversity associated with Garry Oak ecosystems on the island and could not be more excited to be working on the Garry Oak Ecosystem Mapping Project with MABRRI.

Kirby Delaney

Kirby Delaney has joined MABRRI as a Research Assistant. She has a Bachelor of Arts in History, and is a student in the Master of Community Planning program at VIU. She has been a part of MABRRI since December 2018 when she joined the District of Ucluelet OCP team. She is passionate about Vancouver Island and excited to get to know it better through MABRRI projects.